Song of the Week: While I’m Still Alive

Every week you get a new song from Mike Votava. How cool is that?! It’s super cool!

I’m not sure why people like Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tee so much. I think it is terribly depressing. A huge bummer of a book. (I would like to elaborate on my thesis more, and perhaps one day I will, but for now you’re not getting any further explanation. I’m writing this at 3am and I am very tired. So I’m on a mission to wrap this up as quick as possible)

A few months ago I participated in a fundraiser event for The Bushwick Book Club Seattle. As a part of event, I had to read The Giving Tree and write a song inspired by it.

This is what I came up with.

mike votava song of the week - while i'm still alive

R.I.P. Beeping Machine. Sadly, you were not built to last.

I snuck a Pearl Jam joke and a Bon Jovi joke in the same song. I’m so funny!

I also like the Oprah part. I did my best to sound like the guy from Radiohead. I think I half-way got there.

While I’m Still Alive
By Mike Votava

This beeping machine suddenly broke in half
Low quality just wasn’t built to last
I know why you returned
it’s not my first rodeo
come take what you want
i’m your convenience store
all that and more

You’re too old for all this climbing
on a steel horse you’ve been riding
there will be no more high fivin’
while I’m still alive

Wheels on the bus keep going round and round
i will pretend that I’m happy now
you carved her name on the side of me
she’ll break your heart
this I can guarantee
but I can never leave
I am just a tree
and I don’t have any legs

you get a car and you get a car
everyone gets a car
you get a car and you get a car
everyone is getting car
love Oprah