Every week you get a new song from Mike Votava. How cool is that?! It’s super cool!

This song was inspired by A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh.  I wrote it specifically for The Bushwick Book Club Seattle’s Winnie-the-Pooh show at Nortwest Folklife Festival a couple years ago. There were mostly children in the audience.

There I was, on stage, playing my tune, singing along. I got about halfway through the first verse before it all went to hell. I either missed some chords or forgot some words but I definitely screwed something up. I then accidentally dropped some curse words into the mic. Whoops! Nothing like swearing loudly in front of a room full of children. My friend’s who were there laughed at me.

You’ll be happy to know that I left out all the swears in this version. Feel free to listen to it with your babies.

Mike Votava Song of the Week: There Was A Bear


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My favorite part of the song is the second verse where I got to harness my inner Shooby Taylor.


There Was A Bear
by Mike Votava

There was a bear
a bear bear bear
of very little brain
coming up with good ideas
he’d always save the day

your head got suck in the honey jar again
pooh bear loves that honey

There was a bear
a bear bear bear
who’s always singing songs
loud and clear to himself
makes them up as he goes a long

bop bop bop bop bedlee dee
ey yong yong he hong heng
doot doo dooo
shree shra shra shra ra

I’m gonna eat a sandwich
i’m gonna eat a sandwich
that’s what I’m talking about
making it up as I go along
shooba dooby dooby dobby you’re a ding
ding dong ding ding a dong dong
you are a ding ding a dong dong

There was a bear
a bear bear bear
his friend was super sad
his donkey friend lost his tail
it was the only one he had

Pooh bear solved that mystery
put the tail back where it’s supposed to be
reattached it to that donkey’s rear end
Chirstopher Robin nailed it back on

there ain’t no party like a pooh party
the best kind of party is a pooh party

gonna eat some cake at the pooh party
gonna eat some cake yeah you and me
gonna eat some cake with all our furry friends
even Eor will be there