Song of the Week: Flamethrower

Every week you get a new song from Mike Votava. How cool is that?! It’s super cool!

This week’s song of the week is an ode to my favorite genre of movie — the action movie. It is called Flamethrower.

I think you will like the song. I know I do.

Mike Votava Song of the Week: Flamethrower

Here is a short scene from the best movie ever made, The Running Man. It features everyone’s favorite flamethrower wielding bad guy, Fireball (played by the great Jim Brown).

And here’s the part in the movie where Arnold makes Fireball explode. What a hot head!!

By Mike Votava

An armchair armada has formed
moving across the floor
you’ll have to go around
explosions have blocked the door

Army men melting away
nothing remains for sure
cameras are rolling
following Schwarzeneegger

Flame thrower

Say something awesome this time
before you kill that guy
you had no trouble coming up with that line

Bad guys are setting up shop
we’re sending in Robocop
we are the best of friends
enemies we are not

Flame thrower

I’m on fire
you’re on fire
every one is so on fire

Flame thrower